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We are four filmmakers, colleagues and friends that decided to navigate the film industry as a coalition rather than single individuals.

Film Tonight! is a Helsinki-based film collective founded in April 2023 by Helena Aleksandrova, Jelica Jerinić, Roxana Sadvokassova and Mariangela Pluchino - four filmmakers bound by shared passion for cinema, feminist values, common film school history and immigrant background. The collective is supported by Kone Foundation.

​Having studied together in the first generation of the Academy of Moving People and Images, we worked in each others' graduation films: as gaffers, assistant directors, camera assistants, line producers, sound recordists, actresses and more. Since then, we continued taking part in each others' projects and formalised our collaboration by creating a collective: Film Tonight!. 

One night we wanted to watch a movie together, so we created a Whatsapp group called “film tonight”. We never watched that film but the name stuck.

Each of us currently works on our own film projects at different stages of development and production. We come together via peer support, feedback and sharing knowledge. 

We enjoy the collective experience of watching films as well as organising public events to celebrate cinema, collaborations and friendships.

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Mariangela Pluchino

(b. 1991, Maracay, Venezuela)
Interested in cynical motivations and characters, Mariangela works with short format experimental and fiction.


Jelica Jerinić

(b. 1991, Serbia)

Eternally fascinated with grand romantic gestures and exploration of human cravings for love and acceptance, Jelica makes comedy films.

Roxana Sadvokassova

(b. 1992, Kazakhstan)

Raised in a mortuary, Roxana’s interest in nuances of human relationships, all things morbid and comedic expresses itself in a blend of genres/lengths and mediums. 

Helena Aleksandrova

 (b.1992, St. Petersburg, Russia)

Has a passion for genres, subcultures, horror, and camp; she actively works with short films, employing an experimental and artistically-driven approach.



We value cross-field collaborations with other institutions, professionals and enthusiasts.  We are open to your collaboration offers, feel free to reach us via email or stop by our office for a chat.


Address: Aleksis Kiven katu 32 (Mon-Fri. 10.00 - 16.00)

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